Brazil investment and visa services

Our core competencies:

  • investment into brazilian lands and agriculture
  • development of beach view properties;
  • sustainable agriculture and premaculture projects in Santa Catarina state of Brazil:
  • investment consulting (Brazilian coastline).

Therea are plenty of reasons why should you invest and live in Brazil. Our approach is complex, comparing to competitors. We not only sell specific properties  in Brazil,  or offer visa services. We rather prepare investment proposal according to criteria you give us (amount of investment, project area and location), and assist in receiving Brazilian visa for investors.

Presently we offer projects in development of property on Brazilian coastline and in sustainable agriculture on Brazilian farmland.

1. Development

The property is located in Praia do Siriu,  state of Santa Catarina, the most diverse, developed and beautiful state of Brazil.

  • only private homes allowed, no commercial activity;
  • minimum lot size for construction  is 6000m;
  • only one road in and out,  guarded gate;
  • 5 minutes drive to Praia do Siriu from the lot, 15 minutes drive to well known resort city on Garopaba with its shops, bars, restorants and public beach, 20 min to  Praia do Silveira. Praia do Silveira was a host city of surfing world championship in Surfing in 2009.


Because of construction restraints imposed by governmental nature protection agencies, only very infrequently good development opportunities  become available and these will not stay on the market for long. Surrounding regions have high prestige as more and more wealthy people (mostly doctors, lawyers and businessmen) own properties at Silveira, Garopaba.

2. Farmland

We offer not just buy land in Brazil and wait, we will actively be adding value to the land according to our innovative principles of organic gardening – beautifying lands and giving them a continuous food producing capacity (permaculture, „edible garden“). 

We started few projects in Bom Retiro, Santa Catarina, and Urubichi, Santa Catarina with total area of 500 ha. Investor also has opportunity to make land divisions to prepare for sales of smaller lots which value has been rised considerably before the sale.


What makes Brazilian land so desirable – we do now about good climate and fertile soil but there is something much more important –  most lands which can be purchased in selected region do have  the most valuable resource  for agriculture – water– on the property! How Come? The Santa Catarina region sits on a second largest aquifier in the world.

What about land price… In Iowa, farmland prices have risen up to $6700 an acre – this  is $18090 per  ha. In Brazil, farmland price is roughly $7000 per hectare. Price increase in near future is predictable.

Please tell us planned amount of investment and number of visa you need and we’ll offer specific investment options. We strongly advise to visit Brazil and review properties onsite after you received proposal. This is not only common sence, but helps to avoid associated risks.

According to  Brazilian law, the amount of an investment needed for obtaining a permanent residency in Brazil is about  US$70,000.  Brazilian permanent visa allows a foreigner to live and work in country with the purpose of investing his or her own foreign funds in productive activities or investing in existing activities in Brazil.  Which means you  can get  visa for Brazil buying a piece of real estate, for example a  flat  and opening a small business, like shop. Thus investment into Brazil has become the easiest and fastest way of getting Brazilan visa.Our fee would be R$5000 for one visa, and R$8000 for you and one dependent.

  • R$/USD = 2.03415

    The investor’s visa is a type of permanent visa and is issued for the purpose of establishing or promoting a business in Brazil.

    In exchange for a R$150.000 outlay, investors gain residency and are allowed to import their possessions duty-free.

    STEP BY STEP PROCESS if you deal with us

    1. Obtain a power of attorney in which you name a legal representative (one of our employees)

    2. Obtain a CPF. The CPF is essentially everyone’s national ID number and is used for everything.

    3. A corporation will be opened for the applicant (in his name – as the owner) and subsequently a corporate bank account will be opened. It takes 3-5 weeks, the cost is approximately R$1000 paid to an accountant.
    Another option – to invest into existing company. In this case, Memorandum of association of the company to which the investment will be made, duly registered.
    However, there are always risks buying someone else’s business. That’s why we’d suggest not doing it. Any prior or future debts and issues that arise from the prior owner stick with the company forever.
    NB! It may be possible to invest in one of our existing companies if you decide to buy real estate as investment.In this case we can skip company creation.

    4. A foreign capital investor’s permit from Brazilian National Bank will be acquired.

    After registration with Banco Central do Brasil the minimum amount of R$150.000 is authorized to be wired from the investor’s account abroad to his new corporate account. When you transfer the money from your bank through the Banco Central to your own bank account in Brazil, that the money remains yours and stays with you at your disposal at all times and under your sole control.Once this has been completed, Banco Central do Brasil will issue a certificate.

    5. We will help you to prepare a business plan; one in English, one in Portuguese.

    6. All of the above documents (plus copies of your passport, birth certificate etc.) will be submitted to Ministry of Labor office to apply for your foreign investor visa.

    Wait approximately 30 to 35 days to for your new visa. It will be sent to any Brazilian Consulate abroad, as per your request, so your passport can be stamped.

    Overall, you could have your permanent visa in as short at 3 months up to 6 months if things are done correctly and quickly.

    Not included are any plane tickets that you may have to buy if your presence in Brazil is required (usually not needed but regulations in Brazil may change).

    Also, you will ultimately have to pick up your visa at the consulate with jurisdiction where you live. There is a fee for this that varies from country to country. It’s usually a few hundred USD’s.

    Our fee would be R$5000 for one visa, and R$8000 for you and one dependent. I know it sounds expensive but I’ve never seen anyone in Brazil quote less than R$8000 and some quote up to R$15000. It can be a stressful process because Brazilian bureaucracy is really something))

    We can also help you with actual investment to make it profitable for you. As you may know, Brazilian real estate prices rise was highest in the world last year *26,8% and we expect this tendency to continue for few years. We can suggest where and what to buy. For example, for the R$150,000 visa requirement you (actually, your new business) could buy lots that would most likely be worth more than twice that in two years.

    Please let us know what your ideas are and we hope to help you. We can send you a lot of information why Brazil is a good choice for relocation and guide you through the process. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.