Top reasons to buy property in Brazil

 1.Positive outlook on economy and real estate market despite of depression elsewhere.   Brazil also survived Great Depression of 1930-s much easier than other countries.

2. Brazil is very foreign-investment friendly. Foreigners can own 100% of the property (a few exceptions may be there) and in property dealings the law of the land puts them on par with native Brazilians.

3. The climate of the country is not only conducive to one’s personal well-being but because it is warm almost through the year, Brazil attracts millions of tourists. The rental market offers splendid opportunities through the year because of Brazil’s perfect climate.

4.  Coast of Brazil has traditionally been the hotspot for tourists, the exodus is now towards the South East of Brazil and there is a lucrative property market in Santa Catarina. Massive investments have already been planned in resorts and golf courses along the coast line and the rental market is only expected to grow.

5.  The cost of living is amazingly low when compared to developed international destinations

6. The infrastructure in Brazil is very good. There are excellent roads, medical facilities  etc.

7. With the energy crisis looming large in most countries around the world, Brazil is self-sufficient in oil and other forms of energy

8. Building costs are much less than what they are in the United States and Europe.

9.  Brazil is extremely beautiful country with diverse landscape and its beaches are world-famous.

10.  Brazilians are fun-loving and friendly people. The cities are vibrant and throbbing with music and carnivals.

11. No threats of natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis etc.), international terrorism, war

12. The purest air on earth* According to research done by NASA, the northeast of Brazil             has the purest air not only on the continent, but also in the whole developed world!
*You have to visit the freezing plains of Antarcticato get anything more pure.

13. Real estate market is expected to grow fast because Brazilian real estate market (mortgage based) development has only started – due to high interest rates banks have not given out  loans massively, therefore, if they start doing so, we will witness a rapid growth of real estate prices. Especially considering relatively low interest rates not only in Brazil, but in BRIC in general

Bric interest rates
Bric interest rates

14. Housing deficit and   growth of population which increase every year.