What is your visa for Brazil

Citizens of most countries require a visa for Brazil, whether for business or tourism, please refer to list on the bottom of this post. At the beginning of this post we’ll cover those types of Brazilian visas, which you mosy likely encounter. At the end of the post I will list all types of visa for Brazil. Tourism visa for Brazil covers the following activities: tour trip; visits to relatives and/or friends; scientists, professors or researchers attending various conferences, seminars or meetings (services provided must not be paid by organizations/corporations in Brazil, except reimbursement for expenses or per diem allowances); unpaid participation in athletic or performing arts events or competitions. Holder of tourist Brazilian visa is not allowed to engage in any paid activity. Business Visa (Vitem II) covers the following: business visits, except when the trip involves the provision of technical assistance services of any kind (this is covered by Vitem V); mass media travels; flight/ship crew members not holding an international crew card. Holder of business visa is not allowed to engage in any activity under employment contract with a Brazilian organization/corporation. Business Visa (Vitem V) covers the following: provision of services to the Brazilian Government, foreign legal entity, employment contract with Brazilian legal entity; professional training, without an employment relationship, immediately after the completion of vocational training or university education; medical stay in an institution accredited by the Ministry of Education and Recreation; employees of foreign companies admitted to work in Brazil as trainees or interns at a subsidiary or Brazilian branch of the foreign company, provided that they are paid exclusively outside of Brazil by that foreign company; foreign instructors or professors who intend to travel to Brazil for a period of training in foreign language instruction; crew members of foreign vessels traveling to Brazil or leased by Brazilian companies; crew members or other professionals who perform paid activities aboard cruise vessels along the Brazilian coast, in the Amazon River basin, or in other inland waters; provision of services to a religious or social assistance entity, without employment relationship with a corporation or other legal entity based in Brazil; Investor’s visaread also this post. Requirements for investor:

  • minimum investment R$150,000
  • present detailed investment plan which explains how investment will be spent

Restrictions of Brazilian visa for investor: 3 years validity and need to renew to prove money were not divested: the Brazilian company is still open, property is on place and investment is not repatriated Retired people: people aged over 50 can apply for a permanent visa if they will be transferring the equivalent of at least US$ 2,000 to Brazil every month. Visas are also issued to up to two dependants, but there is a requirement to transfer an additional US$1,000 per dependant per month. Documentary proof of income and a bank declaration authorizing the monthly transfer are required. Applicants for permanent residence visas are required to submit their passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable) and a police certificate of no criminal record, issued within the last 90 days.

 Visa requirements of Brazil

Citizens of the following countries do not need a passport or visa to visit Brazil for tourism or business, if the trip does not exceed 90 days (60 days for citizens of Venezuela). An identity document is accepted instead of a passport.

  •  Argentina
  •  Bolivia
  •  Chile
  •  Colombia
  •  Ecuador
  •  Paraguay
  •  Peru
  •  Uruguay
  •  Venezuela

Citizens of the following countries, territories and entities do not require a visa to visit Brazil for tourism or business, if the trip does not exceed 90 days.

  •  Austria
  •  Belgium
  •  Bulgaria
  •  Costa Rica
  •  Croatia
  •  Czech Republic
  •  Denmark
  •  El Salvador
  •  Finland
  •  France
  •  Germany
  •  Greece
  •  Honduras
  •  Hong Kong
  •  Hungary
  •  Iceland
  •  Ireland
  •  Israel
  •  Italy
  •  Lithuania
  •  Luxembourg
  •  Macau
  •  Monaco
  •  Morocco
  •  Netherlands
  •  New Zealand
  •  Norway
  •  Philippines
  •  Poland
  •  Portugal
  •  Romania
  •  Russia
  •  San Marino
  •  Slovakia
  •  Slovenia
  •  South Africa
  •  South Korea
  •  Sovereign Military Order of Malta
  •  Spain
  •  Suriname
  •  Sweden
  •  Switzerland
  •  Thailand
  •  Trinidad and Tobago
  •  Tunisia
  •  Turkey
  •  Ukraine
  •  United Kingdom
  •  Vatican City

Citizens of the following countries do not require a visa to visit Brazil for tourism, if the trip does not exceed 90 days

  •  Andorra
  •  Bahamas
  •  Barbados
  •  Guatemala
  •  Guyana
  •  Liechtenstein
  •  Malaysia
  •  Namibia
  •  Panama

Full list of Brazilian visas

Brazil Tourist Visa: to visit Brazil temporarily for touring, family unite or other personal matters. Brazil Business Visa: to make business visit, for research, lecture, scientific-technological and cultural exchanges. Brazil Type VITEM-I Visa: to attend school under officially approved exchange program; for scientific, technologic, or volunteer activities under the sponsorship of an international cooperation program; to obtain technical training in the operation and/or maintenance of machinery or equipment produced in Brazil. Brazil Type VITEM-III Visa: for paid participation in sport or performance (arts) events. Brazil Type VITEM IV Visa:  to obtain graduate or post-graduate academic education. Brazil Type VITEM V Visa: to work under a Brazilian-ruled employment contract, to provide service to a Brazilian government agency or organization under a contract or an international agreement; to provide community services and volunteering activities.