Investor’s visa for Brazil

Our competence is investor’s visa for Brazil. Please review a short summary of visa process and contact us for more detailed information.


The investor’s visa is a type of permanent visa and is issued for the purpose of establishing or promoting a business in Brazil. In exchange for a $150.000 outlay, investors gain residency and are allowed to import their possessions duty-free. After signing a contract with us and making a pre-payment of 50% of our fee to cover our initial costs, we start the process.

Although according to Brazilian authorities this permanent visa process is listed a s“moderately easy“, it really is not so. Even if detailed descriptions of all steps are followed by a person who tries to do it, all steps may need „substeps“ to communicate with autorities etc. If you would like to take a risk of doing it on your own, I will send you a very detailed description of the process for a symbolic fee of 100 USD, however, our experience shows that money spent on expert help is money well spent. You will save a lot of time and nerve cells. Anyway, here are the details.


1. You should obtain a CPF. The CPF is essentially everyone’s national ID number and is used for everything. It is easy to obtain if you are in Brazil, can be obtained through Brazilian Embassy of your country but more complicated and time consuming. Please review this article about CPF.

2. Obtain a Power Of Attorney in which you name a legal representative (one of our employees). Completing all procedures in your own  would be long and complicated; it will be clear from imformation presented below.

3. A corporation will be opened for you (in your name – as the owner) and subsequently a corporate bank account will be opened. It takes 3-5 weeks, the cost is approximately 1000Brl paid to an accountant. Another option is to invest into existing company. In this case, Memorandum of association of the company to which the investment will be made, duly registered. Please review this article on how to create a company in Brazil if you plan to make it in your own.

You also can buy established company, but there are always risks assotiated with this. That’s why we’d suggest not doing it. Any prior or future debts and issues that arise from the prior owner stick with the company forever.

NB! It may be possible to invest in one of our own existing companies if you decide to buy from our selection of real estate as investment. In this case we can skip company creation.

4. A foreign capital investor’s permit from Brazilian National Bank will be acquired for you. After registration with Banco Central do Brasil, the minimum amount of $150.000 is authorized to be wired from the investor’s account abroad to his new corporate account.

5. Business plan has to be prepared (one in English, one in Portuguese). Business plan is included in our service fee if you invest in one of our projects and it is extra cost if you start your own completely different business.

6. All of the above documents (plus copies of your passport, birth certificate etc.) will be submitted to Ministry of Labor office to apply for your  investor’s visa.

To get a Brazilian passport will take more time, minimum one year. Overall, you could have your permanent visa in as short at 3 months up to 6 months if things are done correctly and quickly.

Our fee is R$5000 for one visa process for one person. I know it sounds expensive but I’ve never seen anyone in Brazil quote less than R$8000 and some quote up to R$15000.

It can be a stressful process because Brazilian bureaucracy is really unpredictable. 50% payable upon signing a contract and 50% upon receiving a notification that your visa has been granted.

If you have dependants, cost will be R$8000 per family.

Not included are any flight tickets that you may have to buy if your presence in Brazil is required (usually not needed but regulations in Brazil may change).

Preparing a business plan if needed for you, will be billed separately according the nature of your busines and complexity of the plan. You can review plan structure from the official document. Also, you will ultimately have to pick up your visa at the consulate with jurisdiction where you live. There is a fee for this that varies from country to country. It’s usually a few hundred USD’s.

We can also help you with actual investment to make it profitable for you. As you may know, Brazilian real estate prices rise was highest in the world last year – 26,8% and we expect this tendency to continue for few years but only if right properties will be selected.

We can suggest where and what to buy. For example, for the R$150,000 visa requirement you (actually, your new business) could buy properties that would most likely be worth more than twice that in two years if correctly developed according to our business plans.

Please let us know what your ideas are and we hope to help you. Please read the information why Brazil is a good choice for relocation and guide you through the process. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Best regards, Andres Lindmae, managing director


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