Crisis is coming…

    Ups… it’s here ! It is not only increasingly difficult to find a decent return on your investments, under conditions of slowing and shriking „no growth“ economy, it is increasingly difficult just to maintain the value of your investments. Famed hedge fund manager John Paulson, who’s best known for personally making over $5 billion from the sub-prime meltdown, lost more than HALF of his investors’ money last year.  His Advantage Plus fund was down a whopping 52%!  That’s not a misprint. Paulson’s thesis that US financial stocks would come bouncing back, for one thing, proved totally unfounded. But it wasn’t only Paulson who imploded spectacularly in 2011.criza_copy

According to data from Bloomberg, the average hedge fund return was -4.9% last year. Hedge Fund Research says it was -5.17%. Whatever way you slice the data, the bottom line is that performance was lousy. Continuous stagnation, increasing jobless numbers, falling real estate prices caused by sovereign and private debt bubbles and austerity measures- economic contraction throughout Europe and USA will affect most countries of the world. These are the predictions of most economic forecasters. It is obvious that financial and economic situation  is dismal for many countries. The following predictions seems pretty adequate:


Add in regional instability (MENA) and irresputable increase of natural disasters, possible „black swan“ events, future looks gloomy indeed. Almost all countries will be affected, it is the question of finding which  ones will be the least affected. And which sectors will be recession resistant and even growing. Look at a globe and it is possible  to find countries most likely which will be less affected – Brazil is definitely one of them. Although slowing down somewhat, it is still growing and this growth is not in bubble like in China which is bubble in itself and can be  heavily affected by contracting economies of its trading partners. Despite dismal contraction of world economy our analysis shows that we can still help you to invest successfully.