Why leave your country and relocate to Brazil – 2

Relocate Brazil: Political Aspects

Voices which are warning about rise of totalitarianism in the world are getting louder and louder.  Yet, in addition to “traditional” sources and targets for such voices, we see reports about decrease of personal freedom in such “traditionally” free countries as US, Great Britain, Australia.

Police states

The term “police state” is generally referred to countries, ruled by corrupt regimes, which use police to supress nation.  But there are no clear-cut criteria for measuring when a nation has crossed the line. For example,  China and Iran,  countries which are often considered to be police states, have proportionally fewer police,  than the U.S. or Germany (233 police for every 100,000 citizens)  However, because American system of policing is much more decentralized than that of China, many analysts believe, World’s superpower can not become a police state in short term.

NDAA allows American citizens to be arrested, imprisoned, and tortured by the U.S. military–without due process of any kind! Source: Hermes press

On the other hand, the recent  passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, Title X, Subtitle D (NDAA) gives the following rights to police:

-Spy on all US citizens;
-Spy on and intimidate citizens (the level of US government spying of cell phone use would be the envy of any police state, and marks the American population as one of the most surveilled in the world);
-Call anyone suspected a terrorist;
-Ignore the Bill of Rights entirely;
-Illegally imprison American citizens;
Assassinate American citizens abroad (e.g. radical Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen,  was killed in an American missile strike in September 2012);
-Spy on US citizens with drones;
-Spy on US citizens “legally”;
-Occupy an American town;

The fact of adoption of the above mentioned act  in 2012, was called by analysts “the final nail in the coffin of democracy and justice”. The ACLU called the proposal “an extreme position that will forever change our country.”

Actually if you try to analyse technical and social “innovations” in your country, you can make conclusion about the increasing power of big brother:

– social networks are widely used (owned) by police;
– gps and mobile – to control communication and location (e.g. AT&T, responds to more than 700 government requests for information each day; many of such requests are not accompanied by court orders or legal subpoenas);
– credit cards and tax codes;
–  biometrics – virtually any your move can be controlled if combine all the above mentioned. Convince me it will not be done…