Invest in Brazil real estate

Although you can invest in different businesses, we suggest to invest in Brazil real estate Рnot only to get a visa but also to profit handsomely from this investment. Brazilian real estate prices have been rising for the last decade and there are economic reasons this trend will remain in future.  Plus, real estate can be used to open new business, from restaraunt to Carnival atelier.

Brazilian property: for poor and for rich

Brazilian property: for poor and for rich

To acquire investor’s visa for Brazil, you actually need to invest 150.000 Brl (Brazilian Reals, about 70.000 USD) into the country. Of course, investment¬† decision depends on different factors, namely:

  • Property location to estimate chances of value growth
  • Property conditions to estimate repair and rebuild costs
  • Property use to evaluate opportunities in agriculture or industry.

And such decisions are really ¬†difficult to take without comprehensive knowledge of country, economics, laws…. You name it.

In addition to visa services, we also can assist you with finding and securing your investment. Actually, in contrast to the above mentioned,   real estate business in Brazil is relatively simple and does not involve such complicated red tape as it is characteristic to most other businesses in Brazil.

If you inform us about your needs, we will make tailored search for the best investment option for you and we can assist you all the way of the legal process until the property is on your name, we can also help you to develop your property to rise its value.