Permanent Brazilian visa for investors

We offer services on receiving a permanent Brazilian visa for investors (eventually, a second passport and strategic relocation possibility) and expert assistance in successful investing and relocating to Brazil.

Visa4Brazil is not just another visa service site – we have selected one region of Brazil based on thorough analysis of future of modern world economy, geopolitics and demographics. Please read about reasons and importance of strategic relocation¬†here¬†and¬†here.¬†But in a nutshell – there are numerous reasons for strategic relocation (or to prepare for this) – increasing geopolitical risks (economies going under, wars and dangers of wars), natural and “man made” disasters (Fukushima, California draught etc.).

Under these circumstances, it is increasingly important to know which countries do have the most important resources such as energy, fertile land, water, suitable climate etc.. We are talking about food and water security – this is the main basis to compare which countries will be doing better in near future. Brazil can feed twice as many people as it’s current population whereas most countries are netto food importers. Actually, it is not which country will be doing better in near future. It is about which REGIONS are better prepared to survive and thrive. So it is not just investments or relocation, we are talking more and more about survival here. But you have to hurry – as risk levels rise, governments will increasingly restrict movements of your money and yourself.

Brazilian investment visa program is one of the best such programs available. In return of 500.000 Brl , you will get your chance of strategic relocation. Upon your wish, we can help you to combine this with successful investing of your funds in the regions and businesses which will thrive even in case of severe economic crisis. We can help you to start any business in Brazil, however, our suggestion is that you choose to become a real estate investor. You can count on our personal expert help to find the best available options.

Getting a Brazilian permanent visa with our help has huge competitive advantage: We know in which regions of Brazil and how you can have a best yield of your real estate investment. However just buying property in Brazil will not qualify you to apply for investor’s visa. You should create something useful for Brazilian economy and we offer not only to find and buy prospective areas, but we also offer our help and participation to help to move ahead your development projects.

The simplified business model of these projects can be explained as follows:

  • we help you to select and buy a suitable property in one of our locations in Brazil
  • based on that investment, we will prepare a business plan and other documents to apply for your visa
  • after receiving your visa, you can take it from here, however, upon your wish, we can assist you in development of your property: energy supply, infrastructure, constructions, participate in creating a income generating organic permaculture farm
  • you can benefit from added value when you sell your property or decide to enjoy life on it

Despite a danger of dismal contraction of world economy, our analysis shows that we can still help you to invest successfully in certain regions of Brazil. We have started to hand pick exclusive properties for our investors Рone of the best options available is here

We focus mainly on Santa Catarina state of Brazil- 300km of one of the world’s most beautiful coastline and most beautiful mountain range in Brazil – Serra Catarinense – which one could call a Switzerland of Brazil. Probably nowhere in the world can encounter such abundant diversity of God-given natural beauty in relatively small region – and your money can grow here.