Relocate to Brazil, South America

If you ask citizen of developed country, which option is the best to relocate Brazil would be on top. An  interview with international investor Doug Casey who has picked Salta County in Argentina (same latitude as Praia do Silveira in Brazil) as his favorite place on earth to live.


You can as well substitute Argentina for  Brazil in his writing because his decision has been made few years before and since then a few points have turned in favor of Brazil. Logic of his overall reasoning is solid and recent happenings in the world support it strongly. Santa Catarina Praia do Silveira    Praia do Silveira (Silveira Beach), probably the best surf destination of the region, this beach has also the vegetation almost next to the ocean, creating a beautiful impression of an antique and unknown island. Garopaba Praia do Rosa  Not only surfers could have fun in Praia do Rosa, but also you will find other activities like hiking/tramping, horseback riding and lagoon and waterfall baths. The beauty of this beach bay is recognized worldwide, being the only bay in Brazil to be part of the “Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club”, which comes with UNESCO?S official seal. Only 10km from Praia do Silveira.