Exclusive estate in the mountains, Urubici

5000m2 lots inside exclusive condominium near Urubici, Santa Catarina in a west-east directed valley between two mountains. The property is inside the city limits, but is still classified as rural (which means less property tax).

Although just 5 minutes from the city center of Urubici, the place is as private (more than 80% untouched nature) as it gets. Property is covered mainly by tall Araucaria trees, which, besides being beautiful, give delicious fruit – pinhaos – each fall – so first plants of sustainable permaculture garden are already there!

Amazing mountain views from a gently sloping (easily buildable and very fertile) land. Beautiful sunrise and sunset can be seen from almost all properties which will be developed and there is no danger of these views being obstructed in the future. Front view will be to the north (most valued in South America because of sun) to a virgin forest covered mountain which will remain beautiful because the slope is hard to develop because its steepness.

One road through the valley is will be basically used only by people who live there and so only few cars pass this road daily.
The area is very protected and extremely quiet (just birds singing) with superbly beautiful views. Sunrise and sunset views are totally amazing. Careful planning and big lots keep beautiful views open for almost all properties while everybody while having maximum privacy.

Location: Santa Catarina / Urubici
Land Area: 5000 m2