Invest and live in Brazil


Take visa to Brazil

Take visa to Brazil

Invest and live in Brazil is rather summary of what you can read on this entire site. First of all  it’s needless to say, reasons why  should you relocate to Brazil do exist and explained in category Why Brazil. There are many ways you can leave you country and relocate to Brazil, you can read about it plus receive more useful information about visas, and visa requirements in category Visa for Brazil. We  offer services on receiving Brazilian visa for investors.

First of all because this way of getting brazilian citizenship has huge competitive advantage: brazilian property is demanded and prices for brazilian real estate rise. However buying property in Brazil can not be qualified as investment to apply for investor’s visa. You should create smth useful for Brazilian  economy and we offer not only research of prospective areas, but also participation in our agricultural and development projects.  The simplified business model of these projects can be explained as follows:

  •  buy land or property in one of our locations in Brazil
  •  participate in development of the area: energy supply, infrastructure, buildings
  •  participate in organic agriculture cooperative: apply technologies, supply food or bio fuels
  •  benefit from value added when sell your property or enjoy life on it.

Visa4Brazil is not just visa services and real estate sale site. We created it based on own vision of future of modern world economy, politics and demographics. It is not just investments or relocation…we are talking more and more about survival here – we observe every economy in the world is going under, we are on the brink of a big war… Under these circumstances, increasingly important is to know which countries belong to countries which have – have resources such as energy, fertile land, water, suitable climate.

This is the main basis to compare which countries will be doing better in near future. Brazil can feed twice as many people as it’s current population whereas most countries are netto food importers. We are talking about food and water security here. It is not which country will be doing better in near future – it is about which country is prepared to survive better. Despite dismal contraction of world economy our analysis shows that we can still help you to invest successfully. We have started to hand pick exclusive properties for our investors. You, property investor, can count on our personal expert help to find the best available options. We focus on Santa Catarina state of Brazil – 300km of one of the world’s most beautiful coastline, most beautiful mountain range in Brazil (Sierra Catarinense – one could call it Switzerland of Brazil). Probably nowhere in the world can encounter such abundant diversity of God-given natural beauty in relatively small region..