Evolution in Ukraine


Some people may aware what happens from the end of 2013 to the beginning of 2014 in Ukraine: almost revoution, caused by breach of european oriented negotiations. Such topic has nothing to do with Brazil. Yet, Ukraine is my birthplace plus whaterver happens BAD in the world, it triggers another discussion: “why relocate to Brazil”.


Ukraine is one of post-soviet countries, which was believed, is inhabited by calm and friendly people. Now however, these people evolved into active manifestants. Let  me show some steps in such an evolution.

Step 1.  Stagnation – people which are capable to analyse life in country  hate state – most of other people (95%) just vote for the most promoted politicians, so the government and the parlament are gatherings of many low educated and wealthy criminals which use militia, courts, etc as they want – opposition is the same:   mentality of leaders of different political parties (communists, socialists, etc) is identical: lie for power and keep it as long as possible; – so, political situation is like: it’s bad but we can not anything with it; so we just live and make our jobs


1. People (not politics), especially in western regions (they can compare Ukraine, Russia with Hungary, Poland, Spain, Portugal…) were very disappointed with breach of relationships with EU. For example: major of Ternopil officially supported move against such desicion: schools and institutes were closed to allow manifestation, etc…

2. Government clearly expressed to people: we do not care of what you manifest; keep talking, we’ll keep doing what we want. which is like to say: f..ck you, people.

3. Later on they adopted special laws and started to command to shoot people; I suppose such commands were earlier, but not every policeman would perform them.

4. Opposition feels feeling of people and “leads” protests. Although most people do not trust any of leaders. they expressed it on meetings. BUT anyway, people hate and someone should use and lead it. I suppose it would be official opposition, and how far they may go, depends how deep they would affraid of what happens: most of them have assets, businesses and bad relations with power create high risks. Not now, but in future. For example, many manifestants are hijacked near hospitals (like “leader” of maidan camp). This is common for criminals: keep silence with crowd and deal with persons and their families. NOW conflicts in Kiev to release bad energy of people. many of them believe they fight for freedom, but I do not trust to anyone who is behind these events. Although changes (if happen), are very useful: at least Ukraine will have precedent of fight agains criminal tyrany.

Step 2 Enemy at the gates

Traditionally Russians were close to Ukrainians than other nations, despite the above mentioned orientation to the west. Yet, “brothers” decided to take part of territory, because… they wanted it.  Although many  citizens are concerned more with economy, than with politics, this russian move disappointed many of them.