Fazenda Paraiso

Fazenda Paraiso – Tourism, Leisure and Agriculture.

Located 28 km from the town of Urubici

Total area of ​​the farm: 223,46ha

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The main features:

  • Apple orchard with 20,000 trees on an area of 44,21ha
  • Beef cattle area with 80 heads of cattle on the field
  • River Creole (considered as one the best rivers in Brazil) is an excellent choice for water sports and fishing
  • Earlier this farm had a high-voltage network (40.000w) with excellent road access to the orchard.

The soils in all areas are deep and suitable for agriculture. The orchard has about 20,000 feet of apple trees, and 11,000 feet and 9,000 feet fuji Gala. The age of the trees ranges from 11 to 25 years old. The average yield of the last five years was 1.350t per year, and the average income for the last five years was approximately R $ 1,200,000.00 per year. The annual expenditures are around R $ 500,000.00 which makes an average profit of R $ 700,000.00 / year.


      • Cold rooms for 800.000 kg of fruits;
      • House for manager
      • Two houses for employees,
      • Approximately 700m² sheds for machinery and equipment


      • Three tractors: new one plus Massey Ferguson and Valmet tractor, 1997
      • Various agricultural equipment: two jet turbines 2.000l, trimmers, grid, plow, trailer, etc.
      • Tire repair workshop and other machinery.
      • Mercedes-Benz bus 38 seats, year 1991

The orchard is fenced with eucalyptus trees (6,000 trees of 30 years old). Area has pine planting of 7,000 trees.

The team of Orchard staff consists of a manager and five permanent employees. In periods of thinning and harvesting the number of employees reaches 25 people. The salary is one to two minimum wages, depending on the employee’s role. The current team is only a year working in the orchard.

Taxes are basically RURAL which is 2.5% of the sales, the CCIR – Registration Certificate of Rural Property, last payment was R $ 34.82 and more ITR – Land Tax rural- last payment was R $ 478.46.

Farmhouse area has a forest of Araucaria with more than 6,000 native pine trees, three streams with crystal clear waters and several springs that feed streams.

This is the best place to establish winery,  and  Sanjo, Japanese,   Santa Maria, Portuguese and other wineries  in the neighborhood are excellent examples for that.

It is worth noting also that the beauty of the region reminds the traveller northern mountains of Italy.